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Veganism for little ones pt1

9th September 2014 Vegan Mofo is as good a reason as any to finally blog something I have been meaning to do since baby number one (who is now 5!!). Baby number two is growing up pretty fast now (she’s 18 months) so it’s probably […]

My Wardrobe

6th January 2009 I seem to have made up for my lack of shopping during my pregnancy and the first half of last year! On our trip down to Brighton last week we came across the People Tree pop up shop and they were having […]

Greenie Bristol

17th August 2009

After Brighton I headed down to Bristol to visit some friends for a weekend of food, kiddies and car boot sales. (more…)

Gardener's World

20th July 2009 Lucky old me finally got to visit Farmer Sasha and see the delights growing in her garden first hand and my she’s been busy!

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Fashionable and vegan, there is absolutely no reason why these two words should not go together. There are new ‘tribes’ of vegans appearing; goth, punk, environmentalist – veganism is no longer sole reserve of hippies. To find out why vegans avoid fabrics such as silk, […]