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So yes, vegans can eat chocolate, hurrah! Your best bet when out in the wild will be the dark variety (always read the label), however raw chocolate is becoming more readily available as well as plant-based alternatives to dairy chocolate.

Raw living

What is raw living?  Very simply it is not eating anything cooking or processed.  Non vegans can be raw too but this section only considers raw vegan living. The raw food movement is more than the odd smoothie or occasional salad it is a lifestyle choice which has an […]

Conscious Chocolate Review

13th May 2010

This delivery of raw chocolate from Conscious Chocolate couldn’t have come at a better time. We were shortly about to embark on our raw Wednesdays (and these helped me out a lot the first couple of weeks!) and I had just seen the Panaroma show on ‘fairtrade’ chocolate. (more…)

Review: The Raw Chocolate Co.

23rd March 2010 All last week my team of tasters and I have been steadily working our way through all seven bars of The Raw Chocolate Co’s range. Before you wonder about our expanding waste lines, this is healthy chocolate, yep you heard me!

Snow blind

14 January 2009 So much snow but so little time to go and play in it.  Long journeys to work and cold weather have made me really apprecaite a few wonderful things in my life.  One of which is my beautiful red, so ethically right […]