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Tanya's cafe, Chelsea

30 September 2014 Hey hey hey there’s a new raw place in London….  A big London welcome to Tanya’s cafe, Chelsea.  And it’s open everyday 🙂 which is good, it’s flexible and it’s expensive.  I would say more expensive than SAF, if that’s possible!

Dehydrating not cooking (well maybe some)

25 February 2011 Grey is the new black and dehydrating is the new (non) cooking.  One Sunday not so long ago after reading another great edition of Get Fresh magazine I decided that it was time to get me a dehydrator.  

Good food but maybe too much for one day?!!

27 January 2011

For awhile now I have wanted to get my dad to come for a meal at SAF restaurant with me.  Taking a non vegan to SAF is something special, such a treat for them.  My dad is quite open minded with regard to food so I knew he would come along and try it when I invited him but that wouldn’t be enough for me I wanted him to enjoy his lunch as well.


Raw day 4

05 May 2010 Raw day 4…. but whose counting anyway!

5 course xmas lunch at SAF

17 December 2009 I have been eagerly awaiting writing this blog all week, and not because I like to blog but because yesterday I went for a 5 course xmas lunch at SAF.  Did xmas come early this year? 

SAFantastic dining

14 November 2009

I would go for dinner at SAF for any reason for example because there is a “d” in the day…..  This time however, we did have a good reason.  We bought dinner for our web designer for doing such a fantastic job!  And another friend who wanted to try the place out. (more…)