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Review: Vegg

3rd August 2013 I finally managed to get my hands on some Vegg, a vegan egg yolk replacement!

The Mighty Fork, Venn St Mkt Clapham

14th July 2013 I do not believe that for one second a vegan hot dog stall opening is a coincidence, after my attempts at a Coney Island dog (my how sad my little dog looks now) and dragging Sash to Soho for hot dogs last year. This […]

Review: Orzo Coffee

1st June 2013


Review: Detox Your World

16th May 2013 If you follow me on Twitter you will know that I am partial to a green smoothie now and again, but never venture out of the green comfort zone. Same glass, same ingredients everytime. That all changed when Detox Your World kindly […]

Review: Ms Cupcake Naughtiest Vegan Cakes in Town

1st May 2013 I have a ritual I go through every time I get a new recipe book. Get myself a nice comfy spot, have some Post-its to hand and then read through the entire book (yes I even read the introductions) immersing myself, marking […]

Mary Ward Centre Vegetarian Cafe, Russell Square

27th April 2013


That’s the sound in my head right now as the maternity leave clock counts down my return to work. Sunny weather only makes it worse and makes me long to be out and about. My first excursion with Sash since the arrival of Lil Miss would have to be somewhere easyish to get to with a buggy and not too far from home.

The Mary Ward Centre’s vegetarian cafe seemed to be the best choice, just one tube all the way and also right on the doorstep of one of my lunchtime buddies who has been telling me about this place for at least a year! (more…)

Review: Faith In Nature & Green People

19th March 2013 The very kind people at Big Green Smile offered us the opportunity to review some of their vegan products from the extensive selection on their website.

Review: Nakd

5th March 2013 Do you remember the first time you had a Nakd bar? It feels like I have been eating them for as long as I have been vegan, and that they have always been a permenant fixture at vegan festivals.

Review: O'Dough

24th February 2013


Ceviche, Soho

9th December 2012 Ceviche is a Peruvian restuarant selling tapas style dishes, apparently there is a Peruvian craze sweeping the ‘foodie/restaurant world’ and I certainly don’t like to miss out on some craze.