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Saf for dinner

04 June 2013 I am not one to quit on a vegan establishment.  I want to support them and write good reviews :-). A friend wanted to meet for dinner at Saf and I am not going to lie I did hesitate but I thought […]

Veggie Ramble

27 May 2011 We have been lucky enough to go out for dinner across London (and further a field sometimes).  There are places that we have loved, some that we have enjoyed and others that we have put down to bad choices and tried again […]

Good food but maybe too much for one day?!!

27 January 2011

For awhile now I have wanted to get my dad to come for a meal at SAF restaurant with me.  Taking a non vegan to SAF is something special, such a treat for them.  My dad is quite open minded with regard to food so I knew he would come along and try it when I invited him but that wouldn’t be enough for me I wanted him to enjoy his lunch as well.


Going Raw with The Natives

14th May 2010 I am definitely finding the raw Wednesday easier and even looking forward to them…especially now Sash is getting more gourmet. This week I was served up raw crackers with raw humous.

Yum scrumptious stir fry wrap

29 April 2010 I didn’t know what to have for dinner this evening.  With a lot of veggies in the fridge and some silken tofu to use up my mind was in dinner turmoil.

SAF @ Kensington

08 April 2010


Tonight THV were cordially invited for drinks & canapes at saf’s new restaurant in Kensington.  The new restaurant is situated in the upstairs of whole foods in what could be described as an upmarket food hall (more…)

SAFantastic dining

14 November 2009 I would go for dinner at SAF for any reason for example because there is a “d” in the day…..  This time however, we did have a good reason.  We bought dinner for our web designer for doing such a fantastic job!  […]