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Saf, Kensington

5th September 2013 It has been almost a year since I have been back to Saf. A less than favourable experience last time meant I wasn’t in any rush to go back, but Sash had been back, enjoyed it and now had a 50% Groupon […]

Saf, Kensington

6th September 2012 Sash and I had already planned to go to for dinner, but when I realised it would be the week before our 5 year anniversary of turning vegan we decided to make it a celebration.

Hyper Japan 2012

10th March 2012

Hyper Japan is an annual cultural event, celebrating all things Japanese. I was viewing it as a warm up to my impeding visit to Japan last this year and was really quite excited about attending. (more…)

What have I been eating?

18 May 2010 Being a vegan means that you can have easy days with food – normally when you are at home making it yourself!  Or bad days with food – when you end up at out & about where the food places having nothing […]

Yum scrumptious stir fry wrap

29 April 2010 I didn’t know what to have for dinner this evening.  With a lot of veggies in the fridge and some silken tofu to use up my mind was in dinner turmoil.

New York (part 1)

24-29th March

Empire state building, NYC


Raw Canapes & Botanical Cocktails

8th April 2010 Yet another day of glorious vegan food. A rather late lunch consisted of vegan lasagne and chocolate peanut butter torte from The 5 Elements in the City. Plenty to keep me going till the Saf launch party.

SAF @ Kensington

08 April 2010 Tonight THV were cordially invited for drinks & canapes at saf’s new restaurant in Kensington.  The new restaurant is situated in the upstairs of whole foods in what could be described as an upmarket food hall

Saffy Birthday

13th March 2010

Tonight was birthday dinner night and on the request of the birthday girl we went to Saf. If you’ve not heard of Saf it is a raw, organic  completely vegan restaurant in Shoreditch. Saf is the only place I can have a starter, main and dessert, feel virtuous and not like I’m going to pop after. (more…)

5 course xmas lunch at SAF

17 December 2009 I have been eagerly awaiting writing this blog all week, and not because I like to blog but because yesterday I went for a 5 course xmas lunch at SAF.  Did xmas come early this year?