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UK vegan food swap – June 2013

June 2013 My vegan food swap partner was ill during the month and she was late sending me my parcel.  However she emailed me to let me know and told me she would made amends in her parcel. What a lovely person!  She sent me […]

UK Vegan Food Swap June 2013

20th June 2013 This month I was paired up with the person who I was also sending a parcel to, the delightful Michaela who blogs over on Miss Chaela Boo! Here is what I sent her:

UK Vegan Food Swap May 2013

3rd June 2013

Man, it feels good to be swapping again! I was able to meet up with my swapper the amazeballs @mrsrejc and deliver my parcel in person.

My parcel came from Charlotte, who is on a one woman mission to veganise Swansea University (you go girl!). Everything in my parcel was purchased from the Student Union shop which she has been encouraging to stock vegan friendly items.


Food Swap May13

30 May 2013 There are many reasons that we should participate in the vegan food swap. The first reason is because you receive a package of lovely food through the post! (Mine came from @veganmel).  Look how much stuff she sent me <3!!

UK Vegan Food Swap April 2013

29th April 2013 My second month swapless…there will not be a third!

UK Vegan Food Swap March 2013

31st March 2013

The food swap is still going along swimmingly and I am so pleased to see we are getting new people signing up every month, especially from outside London. (more…)

UK Vegan Food Swap February 2013

26th February 2013 Swap update time, thankfully I managed to hold of giving birth until I had sorted out the February swap. Yes all sorts of things go on behind the scenes at THV! And what a cracking swap it’s been, the gods of randomness […]

UK Vegan Food Swap January 2013

22nd January 2013 The first swap of 2013 and my parcel winged it’s way over to the lovely Laura in Bucks. With a palm oil free request I filled it with goodies from Kosher Kingdom, Ikea and a treat from my last trip to New […]

UK Vegan Food Swap December 2012

29th December 2012

The final swap of 2012 and this month our parcel arrived just in time to make sure we had nibbles to keep us going over the Christmas period. It came all the way from Staffordshire and the lovely Laura. (more…)

UK Vegan Food Swap November 2012

24th November 2012 Our vegan food swap parcel appears to have impeccable timing every month. just as the old snack drawer at work is looking empty and hollow, taddaaa!!