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Ho hum autumns here…

2 September 2014 It’s easy to get depressed at the end of summer and start of autumn.  The temperature drops, the rain starts and it must be noted that this year was a super summer, hot since June, Mediterranean temperatures.  My shorts and flip flops are worn out […]

Vegan Food Swap – Sep13 – Sasha

12 September 2013 This month my food swap partner (receiving goodies from) was Rebecca’s CAKES!  She emailed me and asked me what I like and I am not sure that I paused long enough for a breath….  CAKES please.

3 is the magic number

05 October 2011


Vegan cake galore…..

16 September 2011 Sometimes you just want to eat lovely, tasty, gorgeous VEGAN cake…….

Good enough to eat

20 July 2011 I am sorry I have been away for so long.  There is no good reason I just needed a blog break!  But not to worry I have still been eating and I thought it was about time I shared my food (again!).

Happy Birthday to me!

02 July 2010

There are many reasons why I like my birthday.  Firstly its one day each year when I can justify any princess demands I might have that day.  No one can say no to me without tantrums & tears and who is going to do that to the birthday girl?!

Chocolate cake


Vegan cake fest

2 February 2010 Imagine walking into a room and seeing a table in the middle covered with cakes, muffins, cupcakes and a mixture of assorted confectionary.  You gasp, it looks sooooo very appetizing and you want to gobble it all up…  You walk over to the table […]