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December food swap

28 December 2013 Quick!  I must blog about my December food swap before the year ends…  This month has been a slow (or rather non existent) bog month for me. Good thing I have a reliable, wordy blogging partner who just… keeeeeps blogging (like SCD “keeeeeep […]

Making chocolate

22 March 2013 I want to make my own chocolate.  Its not logical or rational, its a love thing. It is chocolate after all.  And, ever the optimist, I thought it would be easy enough.

Chocolate, cream & strawberry combo

01 February 2011

A few nights ago I couldn’t sleep.  I woke up in the middle of the night and my mind started churning over.  I am pretty sure that I was dreaming about cakes before I woke up because my churning mind would only focus on things I wanted bake.

In those sleepless hours I became fixated with chocolate (ok so maybe that happened before this), cream and strawberries.