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the Coconut Collaborative review

20 October 2014 Coconut yogurts, coconut milks, coconut water, coconut ice cream or sorbet, these things are everywhere.  There is definitely a trend going on right now and it’s not just a vegan product its for everyone and it’s vegan.

Cheat "apple crumble" in 5 minutes

6 November 2013 What I do with a packet of biscuits, a carton of custard and an apple?  Well I make apple crumble of sorts!  There is nothing like a bung-it-together sweet pudding, after a reasonably healthy dinner is there?!

Banoffee pudding

23 February 2013

I had a couple of bits (food items) purchased in NYC last year that I hadn’t yet eaten.  Yes you are quite right to gasp in amazement.  Especially when put together they make a banoffee pudding.