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The Rise of the Donut

The Rise of the Donut

This is going to be another one of those ‘I remember when’ posts of which this year, in particular, has happened quite A LOT. Not just because I’m getting old(er) but 2017 has seen veganism blow up like never before. Just so you know, I’m classified […]

THV patisserie at VegfestUK in Brighton

15 March 2011 Once in a while we at THV cakes like to shake it up and do something different.  We like to take our baking and creation to the next level. Every festival is basically a chance for us to try something new!  So […]

3 weeks to go to VegfestUK

26 February 2011

Do you know whats happening in 3 weeks today…….


Vegan cooking like there is no tomorrow…

26 September 2010 Whar has gotten into me at the moment?  I am baking & cooking like there is no tomorrow and so much so that I have barely stopped to so much else, including blog.  Not only am I cooking up a storm but almost everything I […]

Go nuts for doughnuts

27 August 2010 When is the last time you ate a doughnut?  I haven’t had one for ages and I have certainly never made them.  That is until today.