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Halloween at Cabbages & Frocks

30th October 2009 My last Vegan Mofo blog and it wasn’t at all as difficult as I thought it would be. I guess it’s a lot easier when you can share the load between two and happen to think about food most of the time! […]

My favourite foods

30 October 2009 This is my last mofo contribution for the month and I find myself left with mixed emotion.  I am pleased that we joined in and wrote about food for the month (haha like thats different from usual!) and also relieved it is […]

Recipe by Author and Arts Writer Jo Waterhouse

28th October 2009

Vegan Sausage & Bean Casserole

Now that Autumn’s officially here and it’s decidedly colder, me and my husband (who’s also vegan) are switching to our favourite Autumn/Winter vegan recipes. Things like homemade cottage pie, ‘traditional’  roast dinners, chillis and curries have replaced Summery pasta and salad-type dishes. Our absolute favourite at the moment is Vegan Sausage Casserole. It’s something that I cobbled together a few years ago and it’s a really tasty winter warmer, plus if there’s just two of you it lasts two nights, so no cooking the next day – always a bonus! (more…)

Squirty cream

27 October 2009 I was recently introduced to vegan squirt cream.  Omg, it tastes good.

White Gold

26th October 2009 Saturday I finally tested out a couple of recipes using some lovely lovely vegan white chocolate. After tasting a sample last month, Sasha  already made some plain and white chocolate mini muffins for the stall last week.

Pizza Express for lunch

23 October 2009

It is not always difficult as you might think to eat out with non vegan friends in a non vegan restaurant.  Sometimes it simple requires calling ahead and finding out what is in the food on their menu.


Cub Cakes

22nd October 2009 A wise woman (aka Mother) once said: “The lion is very significant in Buddhism, he is the king of all animals. He has strength, courage and a fearless character. Although afraid of no other creatures he is prudent, approaching smaller creatures cautiously […]

Victoria sponge muffins

21 October 2009 The THV are about to take on stall number 3, its halloween people, we need to up our game.  I have no idea how we came upon the idea but on Saturday Mits and I discussed victoria sponge muffins or mini victoria sponge […]

Trick or Mini Treat?

20th October 2009

Our next market day is the 31st of October, so planning ahead we have decided to get in the ‘spirit’ (sorry!) of it all and have a Halloween themed stall. (more…)

Wahoo. The best darn sesame seed muffins in town

19 October 2009 When I first heard about sesame seed muffins I wasn’t sure,  but then I have eaten and loved Mit’s sweet potato and caramel cupcake.  So maybe I justed needed to bake and eat and handily Mits had her own recipe for me to follow.