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A few of my favourite things..

30 September 2013 The last day of vegan mofo 2013.  Time to celebrate another fantastic mofo year!  Here is the blog roll ( a list of mofo vegan bloggers) My last blog for 2013 is going to include some of my current favorite vegan things. […]

Time to use that Mildreds voucher

26 September 2013 It’s not all bad turning 40 when you are given a £60 Mildred’s voucher. Imagine ALL THAT FOOD!

Vegan MoFo Round Up

25th September 2013

The end of Vegan Mofo is already on the horizon. I have really enjoyed participating this year, blogging so intensely (for me) has actually become quite addictive. But the other part I enjoy about is discovering new blogs. I am hoping Mofo isn’t going to self implode or anything because here is a little mini roundup of some (I am still working my way through them all, there are A LOT!) of the new blogs added to my reader.  (more…)

UK Vegan Food Swap September 2013

23rd September 2013 I thought what with it being Vegan Mofo and all I would post up some tips on how I go about preparing my food swap parcel. When you have done as many swaps as I have you instinctively shop with the swap […]

Vegan in Venice part 1

18 September 2013

Review time…

16 September 2013

As a vegan blogger it is my duty to try lots of goodies out there and let you know what I think.


Vegan Food Swap – Sep13 – Sasha

12 September 2013 This month my food swap partner (receiving goodies from) was Rebecca’s CAKES!  She emailed me and asked me what I like and I am not sure that I paused long enough for a breath….  CAKES please.

BIG DAY OUT – Camden

10 September 2013 Wasn’t I only just saying about a few blogs on BIG DAYS OUT and in the blink of an eye or 2 days later here we are.

Happy Veganniversary!

08 September 2013

We have been vegans for 6 years now!  6 years!  Where does the time go…..?  I know the answer to this.  The time passes by eating lovely vegan food with my lovely vegan counterpart and a lovely friend :).


Vegan Brighton

06 September 2013 Last week I had the pleasure of visiting Brighton twice.  Both day trips were food related (of course) and I also made sure to see the sea each time!  First blog on terre a terre is here.