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Supperclub, Notting Hill

19th September 2013 Eating in bed (with 21 other people), watching people writhing around in paint, a human canvas and Van Gogh flame throwing and cutting off his ear. Just another typical Saturday night for this girl.

Love: V Delicious Edition

13th September 2013 A way, way, way over due write up for this year’s The Allergy and Free From/V Delicious show in July. Here’s what I was loving: ♥ Round Up! Ananda make marshmallows so obviously the next step is make chocolately things involving that marshmallow. […]


11th September 2013

Another new food for me in 2013, sauerkraut! (more…)


9th September 2013 I don’t have a theme for VeganMoFo  as such this year, but I thought it provided a good opportunity to blog about some new foods and ingredients I have been trying out recently. Today, jackfruit.

Saf, Kensington

5th September 2013 It has been almost a year since I have been back to Saf. A less than favourable experience last time meant I wasn’t in any rush to go back, but Sash had been back, enjoyed it and now had a 50% Groupon […]

Protein Party Mix

3rd September 2013

Today we’re talking party mix, let’s not insult  you by calling this a recipe. This is essentially getting tasty things and throwing them in a jar. (more…)

Keeping it simple & keeping it real

02 September 2013 I knew that vegan mofo was coming, Mits and I have been talking about it for a couple of weeks through our various means of communications BUT I am still surprised it is my turn to write a blog today!  So rather […]

UK Vegan Food Swap August 2013

1st September 2013 Hellooooo VeganMoFo!! Having undertaken the challenge in previous years my hat goes off to all those bloggers who manage to ‘do it all by themselves’. Being two happy vegans it makes it a little easier to have someone to tag team with […]