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21 Day Vegan Health Kick, Week 2

30th January 2012 I am still hanging in there, just. After a rather stressful day at work on Friday I could have done with a cocktail but I have been resisting. I have also struggled this week with coming home and having to cook food […]

Vantra, Soho

14th November 2011 I have been a bit slow in getting round to Vantra. I have to say the whole Vitaorganic/Vitao/Vantra caper has been a bit confusing for me. It is my understanding that the creators of Vitao (previously Vitaorganic, which I loved) had created […]

Vantra Review

21 January 2011

There is a new vegan restaurant in London town called Vantra! Wahoooooooo. Well newish.  It is an existing restaurant with added extras. The owners of Vita Organic in Soho have moved to a new venue on Soho Street that has more space, which means they can offer a wider range of vegan delicacies and so expand on what they have been doing at Vita Organic.


Raw Like Vegan Sushi

16th of April 2010 Ok sorry, no sushi here but plenty of raw! This week Sasha resurrected her hidden rawist. Previously she has been aiming to be 75% raw, but understandably didn’t find it quite so easy when the cold whether kicked in, and let’s […]