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Cakes and Crepes, Brixton

30 January 2014 I always LOVE a day out with Mitsy moo face.  These are usually well planned events with maps and everything – Mitsu style.  However today was different. We winged it – Sasha style. First stop Ms cupcakes, we stocked up sweet and […]

RAW restaurant, La Suite West, Bayswater

28 January 2014 Last week we went to Raw La Suite West, Bayswater.  It is swish, swish, SWISH.

December food swap

28 December 2013

Quick!  I must blog about my December food swap before the year ends…  This month has been a slow (or rather non existent) bog month for me. Good thing I have a reliable, wordy blogging partner who just… keeeeeps blogging (like SCD “keeeeeep dancing”).

Best vegan food swap question “Let me know what you like/dislike?”  Here there are a couple of options; list the things you don’t wish to receive, be at the mercy of your food swappers taste and don’t specify, list what you love….  Or any combination of the afore mentioned responses.


Winter warming FOOD

22 November 2013 There is one good thing about winter….  It’s the FOOD.  But then you know I was going to say that don’t you! Winter to me is all about gravy, mash potato, custard, hot chocolate (not all on one plate). Hot choc made […]

Cauliflower cheese

13 November 2013 If it’s growing in the garden then it will be picked and eaten….  (Only food obviously).

Cheat "apple crumble" in 5 minutes

6 November 2013

What I do with a packet of biscuits, a carton of custard and an apple?  Well I make apple crumble of sorts!  There is nothing like a bung-it-together sweet pudding, after a reasonably healthy dinner is there?!


Keeping it simple & keeping it real

02 September 2013 I knew that vegan mofo was coming, Mits and I have been talking about it for a couple of weeks through our various means of communications BUT I am still surprised it is my turn to write a blog today!  So rather […]

Terre a terre

29th August 2013 Terre a terre re-opened in March after a kitchen refurbishment.  Not much has changed in the restaurant, a lick of paint maybe…

August vegan swap – Sasha

23 August 2013

I received this months lovely food swap over a week ago.  It’s taken me a week to write about it because I have been busy EATING IT! So first up BIG THANK YOU TO VEGAN VOX for a lovely letter & cards.


Impromptu lunch at Manna

27 July 2013 An impromptu lunch at Manna was had today.  Well it is Saturday and what better way for me to celebrate my detox?! It is such a pretty restaurant, it has so much style and character and is situated down a quiet, leafy […]