42°Raw, Mayfair

10th May 2012

They aren’t joking, it is only because several vegans wandered around Burlington Gardens trying to find it (in two cases it was actually closed) before me that I managed to find it quite easily.

42°Raw is a takeaway with lots of seating in the very impressive setting of the Royal Academy (it is round the back entrance).  There are spaces outside which was the perfect spot for me to take photos of my food before day light was gone. Oh and in case you haven’t heard of them or guessed by now everything is vegan and raw.

I wasn’t too sure if they would still be serving food as I got there after 17:30 (as was the guy who came in after me). There was a bit of a ‘you can have anything you want as long as it’s lasagne’ moment but I was happy to try it, the guy after me amusingly queried what if he didn’t want the lasagne. I also bought a cookie.

Vanilla cookie £1.50

I tried some of the cookie on the way home, my first bite had an almost buttery flavour to it and was filled with juicy dried fruit and had a chewiness which I think was from the coconut, I will be having one of those again!

Lasagne £7

The lasagne had layers of courgette, tomato and spinach with three different fillings – green, tomato and white (more yellowish) sauce. It was very rich and the portion size large. It was also quite wet and a bit sloppy by the time I had got it home. I had a small piece I leftover the next day with some plain iceberg lettuce which tamed the richness and I enjoyed it much more.

Now I know it is possible to make it there if I leave work at 5 on the dot I can forsee another visit soon with Sash, am thinking tapas and chocolate cake? 🙂


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