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1st July 2010

You may have heard about the Elephant Parade and if you live in London you might have also been lucky enough to see the beautiful baby elephants scattered all over the city for yourself. I managed to catch a couple of them before they were whisked away recently for auction.


The Elephant Parade is a fund raising initiative by the Elephant Family to help save and raise awareness of our endangered Asian elephants. Obviously not having the funds or the space to house one of the hand painted life sized originals I was excited and a little bit scared about being offered one as a house warming present. But guess what?! You can own your very own baby elephant and it won’t take up your whole new house!! Smaller versions of the original elephants are available to buy online, or at the Gallery Store which is located on Canarby Street.

So my very generous friend told me to get myself down to the Gallery Store and pick out the one I wanted.

Who did I got for? All will be revealed shortly…

Jazzy van spotted on the way to dinner

New purchase safely tucked up in my bag we headed to Tbits for dinner. It was my first time there and as is usually the case, I asked myself why I have waited so long. There were lots of vegan options mainly different kinds of salads, but the only vegan desserts were chocolate coconut cream and fruit. I managed to put a little bit of every thing on my plate, but it’s a bit dangerous as the price is determined by the weight of your plate (and this price goes up after 6pm). Everything was really tasty and the menu changes frequently so a good excuse to go back for more!

£25 for two incl 2 glasses Freedom organic lager

So here is the new edition to the Ikeda household: Radja. In the end I went for the one that my friend had already picked out for me and I am totally in love with him. Not only do I have my own little elephant, but my friend has donated money to help all his real life brother and sisters by buying him for me. Win win right? 🙂

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