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23rd March 2012

The main reason for going to Brighton last weekend was for Vegfest, but there are just some things you can not do when you are there.

Particularly if it is raining - tussle with a brolly

Take a walk down to the beach (yep still raining)

Knock on every single beach hut

Stroll along the pier

Eat at the oh so unique Terre a Terre ♥

You can read Sash’s blog here for what goodies were on offer at the festival. Here is what I picked up:

1 ) Fry’s meat free pepper steak style pies

2 ) Frys Louisiana tenders

3 ) VivaPure raw cacoapowder (for my green smoothies)

4 ) Nakd Cocoa delight Nudie bars £10 for box of 18 (plus 3 extra bars)

5 ) The Really Healthy Company Organic Klamath blue green alagae powder (for my green smoothies)

6 ) Vegeset (I see more trife in my future)

7 ) Nakd Banana bread

8 ) Wheaty chorizo sausage

9 ) Biddy Merkins Vegerella (melting vegan cheese)

10 ) Fry’s vegetarian POPS

11 ) Swedish Glace Pearl lolly (melted to smoosh on the way home but still tasted devine)

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