Cabbages & Frocks 17/10

18th October 2009

Friday I was far too busy to write a Vegan Mofo blog since I was instead baking for 13 hours! It was all in aid of our new venture at the Cabbages & Frocks market in Marylebone.

We weren’t quite sure what to expect since we have only ever had a cake stall at the London Vegan Festival but I am happy to report we had a really good day. Even though we decided to play down the vegan nature of our baked treats, we were overjoyed when vegans who knew of our site came especially to seek us out. That definitely made standing out in the cold worthwhile, oh and the little boy who had 3 mini carrot cupcakes and told his sister they were the best in the world!

This week being chocolate week we had:

Mocha choc mini muffins

Dark & white mini muffins

Chocolate orange mini muffins

Chocolate and beetroot cupcakes

Raw chocolate truffles

and also:

Banana & raisin mini muffins

Sesame seed mini muffins

Carrot & raisin cupcakes (mini & regular)

Sweet potato & caramel cupcakes

Lemon surprise cupcakes

Banana cupcakes

Butterscotch blondies

AND plum cake…phew!

After existing on my homemade hot chocolate (containing almost a 100g of chocolate!) and a sneaky muffin or two here and there, we were sooooo ready for dinner. Luckily for us Eat and Two Veg was just down the road, so we go out of the cold and filled our bellies (no dessert required!).

We will be there again on the 31st of October, so there is barely 2 weeks to test out some gluten free recipes and Halloween inspired goodies, but we are looking forward to it!

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3 Responses to “Cabbages & Frocks 17/10”

  1. Christina Says:

    Oh I wish I could have come! Looks like a lovely selection of cakes. I love Eat and Two Veg, the food is super nice!x

  2. Jean Williams Says:

    Hi there, I really enjoyed this post. I’m opening up a website and am in the middle of creating somewhat varied content. Would you object if I write about this? I will of course provide you and this post due credit and place a link to this page :D.

  3. mitsu Says:

    Sure, not sure what it has to do with apples!

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