Cape Town, South Africa pt1

15th October 2017

I spent an amazing 3 weeks in Cape Town back in February, with muchos seeing of the sights and eating of all the vegan food.

Let me take you for a stroll down my favourite road – Bree Street where you can find everything from raw food to burgers and pizza.



Starting off with two new places which have opened since my last visit in 2016.

For the first half of my trip I was actually working, so I liked to get a morning pick me ups from Evolution Cafe Experience which was handily just across the road from the office.



{ Matcha latte }


{ Beetroot latte }

I was sorry I never got to try more from the menu at Raw and Roxy, I loved the Caesar salad so much I had it twice rather than trying something different from the menu.



I enjoyed burgers at IYO twice, they ran out of avocado the on the second occasion and I didn’t quite enjoy it as much.



If you keep on right down to the bottom of the street you will eventually get to Sexy Food, I didn’t purchase any food as frankly the fact that this ‘raw’ place serves egg threw me, but I did get some of their kombucha which was really good.


Sexy Food, Cape Town

Going slightly off Bree Street you can find more vegan options a plenty.

From The Hungry Herbivore I tried out the Oh Sweet Kim burger featuring a sweet potato, lentil and quinoa-kimchi patty, caramelized onions, avocado, spicy mayo. spicy mayo was spot on but didn’t really get any of the kimchi flavour.


The Hungry Herbivore, Cape Town

I also had their breakfast which had tofu scramble and awesome bbq seitan bacon, a photo of which currently eludes me. Plant is on the road just before Herbivore, they are also 100% vegan, I only got to eat there once this trip and am pretty sure I had a cheese toasty of some sort photo also awol. Here’s a Instastory vid of their interior instead.


Plant Cafe, Cape Town

{ *UPDATE* found it! What a good memory I have 😛 – Plant toasty }

The Happy Herbivore, Cape Town

{ *UPDATE* found this one too 🙂 The Happy Herbivore breakfast }

We loved Honest Chocolate so much we went twice, the second time for the little one’s birthday. As well a good selection of vegan chocolates, they have vegan cakes too.

Honest Chocolate, Cape Town

Honest Chocolate Cafe, Cape Town

Honest Chocolate Cafe, Cape Town

Honest Chocolate Cafe, Cape Town

{ Banana bread bunny chow }

Still to come, more vegan food and some sightseeing.

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