Cape Town, South Africa pt2

16th October 2017

So we know there are plenty of vegan establishments/options long Bree St, but what about the rest of Cape Town? Good news :

Of course there were the disappointing/weird options here and there…

Belthazar, Cape Town

{ salad at Belthazar, V&AWaterfont }

The Blue Peter Hotel, Cape Town

{ The Blue Peter Hotel I still don’t know why they love to put avo on their pizza here }

But plenty of good stuff too!

Col'Cacchio Pizzeria, Cape Town

{ pizza with vegan cheese (VEGAN CHEESE!!! This was before Pizza Express and Pizza Hut joined Zizzi and the 21st Vegantury and CT was already rocking that shiz) from Col’Cacchio }

Masala Dosa, Cape Town

{ Masala Dosa, one of my favourite spots in CT, obviously would recommend the dosa but also the masala magic lassi }

Royale Eatery, Cape Town

{ Sadly not blown away by Royale Eatery’s vegan burger (the patty always just crumbles) but this choc peppermint milkshake is amazing }

You can find options at the V&A Waterfont Food Market which I blogged about here on a previous visit. There is now a sushi bar, I recall the vegan options being a little boring, I think they might have all been avocado based. Hence photo is mostly of…

Sushi to go, V&A Waterfront Market, Cape Town

{ …a big old cocktail from the bar on the first floor 🙂 }

Saray, Cape Town

{ Meze plate from Saray (with extra hummus to replace non vegan item), that bread was amazing }

Dolce Bakery, Cape Town

Dolce Bakery, Cape Town

{ Carrot and orange stack from Dolce Bakery’s they have the custest little bakery and an amazing cashew cream cheese bagel}

I also managed to get myself treated to a couple of braais (that’s a barbecue my dear skat).


Vegan Braai

Was impressed with supermarkets where I spotted vegan mayonnaise, used for the potato salad pictured above and also spotted Violife in Pick and Pay (V&A Waterfront) and even an own brand vegan cheese in Woolworths (equivalent to Marks and Spencers here).

Food Lover's, Cape Town

Pick n Pay, Cape Town

Woolworths, Cape Town

Those South Africans are intensely into banting (low carb, high fat) but I noticed quite a few products also suitable for vegans.

Food aside, Cape Town is a stunning place ,in part 3 I’ll be taking you through the sights and some alternatives to wildlife parks for visiting native animals.

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