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Our platefuls of beautiful, cute vegan cakes stop everyone in their tracks, and it will work on you too.  Check them out below!


Got your attention?!  We started baking so that we could continue eating sweet treats after becoming vegan.

Mits had been developing her infatuation with creating cupcakes and Sasha was equally exploring the world of mini muffins.  Fortunately between each other, friends & family there has always been a good supply of muffin/cupcake tasters for us allowing us to perfect each flavour.

THV Cakes simply has to include all the things that are important to us as vegans, namely our ethical and environmental values.  We have always baked without any additives or preservatives and early on made a committment to use organic and fairtrade products whenever we could.  Oh and the packaging is as environmentaly friendly as we can get our hands on. 🙂

We bake the classic flavours; chocolate, banana, vanilla, blueberry, but like to develope contemporary and savoury flavours too.  The feedback from our team of tasters and festival goers alike has always been so positive.  Seeing another happy vegan walk away with a delicious treat makes our hearts bubble with bliss.  Plus there is the occasional added bonus of non vegans enjoying our baking too, which helps to dispel that myth of tasteless vegan food.

In a relatively short time we moved from occasional to serial bakers and supersonic bakers at festival time.  The next step became obvious, an online cake shop.  Enjoy! 🙂

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