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Animal Welfare Party

December 2013

The Animal Welfare Party is vision is of a fairer, more equitable and sustainable society for all and some of their key policies are to:


Animal Aid’s Great Vegan Challenge

November 2013

For all you would-be vegans out there, here’s the perfect opportunity to take the plunge and give the plant-based diet a go.

This November, Animal Aid is running the Great Vegan Challenge and the idea behind it is simple: you pledge to go vegan for the month and they aim to make it as easy, fun and engaging as possible. Plus it’s free to sign up and open to anyone, anywhere in the world!


London Vegan Beer Festival 2013

Craft beer aficionados and vegans are poised to descend on Bethnal Green on Saturday 13th July, 2013 as the unique and highly anticipated London Vegan Beer Fest celebrates hops, food and music. (more…)

FREE Vegucated screenings in Bristol


The Third Estate by Sean aka Fat Gay Vegan

London residents are in for an ethical treat as independent boutique The Third Estate throws open its doors on Saturday 12th May, 2012 to celebrate their new Camden location.


Veggie Valentine on the Saturday 11 th February 2012

Make a date with Veggie Valentine on the Saturday 11 th February 2012. Who knows who you will meet there!!! (more…)

‘Curry For Change’ with find your feet

Find Your Feet, a UK based international development charity that works with the rural communities in India and Malawi to help them build a future free from hunger and poverty.

This October, we are launching our ‘Curry For Change’ initiative. We are encouraging our supporters to host their own curry evening in aid of  FYF and would love you to get involved! By taking part you can enjoy a night with friends, family and food while raising money to help families tackle the poverty they face, and make a real change to people’s lives. (more…)


Chef Chris Cooper is a French vegan chef and Nutrition Therapist. When he met Natalie and Sophie Chan, Managers at Oliver’s Village Café, he told them of his plans to incorporate his vegan and gluten-free food products in the market. We came up with the idea of starting a vegan, gluten-free ‘pop-up’ restaurant. And so Tolérance began…. (more…)

Cruelty free 2013

“I had no idea cosmetics were still tested on animals” – in all the years I’ve been campaigning to end animal testing, that’s got to be the most commonly heard refrain from consumers. In fact I hear it more now than in years past. Such a lack of awareness used to frustrate me. Hadn’t people heard of the cruelty-free campaign? But now I think maybe it’s evolved because of, not despite, the success of cruelty-free campaigning. In some ways we’ve become a victim of our own success. (more…)

Rabbits… Too cute for their own good! by Violet of the RSPCA

Rabbits are now the UK’s third most popular companion animal and arguably the most vegan-friendly. (more…)

Boris Founder of MuLondon

Hello fellow vegans!

My name is Boris and I am the founder and owner of MuLondon – Natural Organic Skincare. I would like to tell you a bit about my products – and together with we have a competition where three lucky readers of this blog can each win one of my moisturisers. (more…)

the Vegan Kitchen

A new secret supper club has opened its doors in London and this one is better than usual because its VEGAN.  Whoop Whoop.


Turn the world green with Giveacar

If you have a mission to be good to the world around you; that net must be cast wider than solely considering the food that you eat and the clothes that you wear. You also need to think about your actions, specifically the ways that you dispose of unwanted items that can also dictate whether you unwittingly cause damage. Have you ever thought of the implications caused by scrapping your car? After all, two million vehicles are taken off the road per year; so potentially a lot of damage to the environment exists if the disposal of these is not carried out correctly.  (more…)

Snakes Face Cruelty and Extinction

by Matt Ellerbeck

Snakes have proved that they are one of time’s most successful and resilient survivors. They have been on the Earth for well over 100 million years. They have managed to survive throughout the ages, while countless other species have disappeared around them.

Today however, snakes are very much in trouble. Hundreds of snake species are now in need of conservation if they are to survive. Currently, over 450 snake species are listed on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species.  (more…)

Local petition against NHS reforms in Greenwich REFUSED by local GP

Saturday 12 March 2011

Dr. Rob Hughes,

Corporate Managing Director,

Greenwich Primary Care Collaborative (GPCC),

Ferryview Health Centre,

25, John Wilson Street,


SE18 6PZ

Dear Dr. Hughes,

I am one of the 1,100 or so signatories to the local petition addressed to Greenwich GPs which organisers tried yesterday to present to you.  I helped organise it.  The petition is significant for the wide range of ages and occupations of those who signed it, and for the ease and speed with which it was collected by a few volunteers from the “Keep our NHS Public” and “38 Degrees” groups in Greenwich shopping locations over a two week period.


Ms. Cupcake

About a year and a half ago I wandered into a room filled with cupcakes – I had heard about this monthly gathering of people sharing cupcake love, so I thought I would give it a whirl.  Sure there were stacks and stacks of traditional cakes piled with butter-cream but my goodness was I surprised to find ANOTHER plate of vegan cupcakes!  Beyond excited I found out they belonged to Mitsu and Sasha, who are indeed two of the happiest vegans of them all.  Meeting the two of them and their passion for all vegan baked goods had a huge impact on my life – more than they know…


Meeting of Greenwich 38 Degrees NHS Group 28th February 2011 : Report


What we want is to restore the NHS as a public service working co-operatively for patients, not a commercial business driven by competition.   The Health Select Committee in 2011 estimated that the cost of running the NHS market that we already have is about £14 billion a year out of £100 billion, and after Lansley’s reforms it will be over £20 billion a year, approaching costs in the USA. These costs only happen in a marketised system, and used only to be 6% of income until the market started being put in place.    Scotland and Wales have not gone down this route and are managing to run their NHS fine. i.e. you don’t need the market to run the NHS well.


An update from team VegfestUK


Dr. Diane Hindman for Wayfare

Dr. Diane Hindman, Publisher, Natural Nutmeg Magazine.

Wouldn’t we all like to wake up at 3am with a flash of inspiration that launched us into developing a national company focused on creating whole foods that families can eat and thrive on? That’s what happened to Kelly Coffin back in 2002 after his father was diagnosed with cancer and his daughter was battling chronic ear infections and gastrointestinal issues. (more…)

Save UK NHS – 38 degree group Greenwich

February 2011

This letter has gone out to local (Greenwich) and national media.

Dear Editor,

A group of Greenwich residents has met to discuss the serious threat to our NHS from the government Bill that will lead to businesses being in effective control.  We want to keep our present NHS publicly provided and owned, so that it remains free at the point of delivery, and is based on need, not the ability to pay. Our NHS has made real progress with improving health care, while making significant  economies. (more…)

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