The brands below either have wholly vegan ranges or have products that are suitable for vegans. Some will have these products helpfully noted on their website or have ingredients listed, for those that don’t please contact them directly. These brands have in the past been more than happy to provide lists and hopefully if enough people ask they will realise people do want this information and make it more accessible on their website.

♥ = Products contain natural ingredients

♦ = Products contain organic natural ingredients

Dolma Visit website

Whole fragrance range is vegan.
Stockists: Animal Aid, Honesty Cosmetics

L’Occitane Visit website

Contact them directly for a list.
Stockists:Brent Cross, Buy online, Selfridges

Lucy B Visit website

The whole fragrance range is suitable for vegans.
Stockists: Contact for UK stockists

LUSH Visit website

Vegan products are denoted on the website by the Vegan Society logo or refer to the price list in the Lush Times (available at all Lush stores) for a comprehensive list.
Stockists: Buy online

REN Visit website

Products not suitable for vegans are listed on the website.
Stockists: Buy online

Nature’s Boutique Visit website

All the fragrance ranges sold on their website are vegan.
Stockists: Buy online

Tisserand Visit website

Whole fragrance range is vegan.
Stockists: Amazon, Fenwicks, Sainsbury’s

Sarawen Perfumes Visit website

Whole vintage inspired fragrance range is vegan.
Stockists: Buy online


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