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Costa del Sol, Spain

19th August 2014

For the most part of our family holiday in Spain this month I subsisted on white carbohydrates. Something I had pretty much resigned myself to before we left home.  (more…)

V Delicious, Olympia

18th July 2014

Is it just me or is this getting better every year? They ashared a space with 2 other exhibitors this year, the Allergy  and Free From Show and The Back Pain Show. I didn’t have much time to check it out so I stuck to the pink carpet which was the V Delicious vegan area. I just knew however that I was missing out on the gems in the Allergy and Free From side, so I made sure Sash paid a visit too and she was glad she did! (more…)

Asparagasm at Vozars, Brixton

11th July 2014

Just had a super duper dinner with Sash tonight at the Asparagasm pop up. Asparagasm has been around for a while now but their one off dining extravaganzas have so far eluded me. (more…)


25th June 2014

Some of the things I am loving at the moment: (more…)

Review: The Vegg Cookbook

8th June 2014

Goodness it is almost a year since I received a copy of The Vegg Cookbook for review, during that time however The Vegg has definitely become a staple of my cupboard and is makes regular appearances during weekend full breakfasts. It is still a product that has so much potential for experimentation but I can only dream of having a life where I had enough time to cook all the things I have in my head and in the books on my shelf. (more…)


29th May 2014

There is just so much to love at the moment! (more…)


23rd May 2014

Some of the things I am loving at the moment:

Queen of Sheba. First taste of Ethiopian food, basically curry that you eat with your hands!


The Montagu at Hyatt Regency, Marylebone

17th May 2014

I had an amazing night of company and food yesterday. In a blatant case of it’s who you know, not what you know, it was brought to my attention that there was a new vegan menu available at the Hyatt Regency’s restaurant, The Montagu as part of their contribution for National Vegetarian Week. (more…)


10th April 2014

Some of the things I am loving at the moment: (more…)

Review: Soulmatefood

5th April 2014

Last month I did my first ever juice cleanse. I had always been intrigued about them and as vegan that dabbles in raw food I kind of felt like it was a right of passage.

DSC_2177 (more…)

Review: Vegusto

31st March 2014

I won a mini Vegusto hamper during Vegan Mofo last year (yes bit late I know!), it contained Farmhouse sausage, Mushroom burgers, No-moo melty cheese, Piquant cheese and Mild Aromatic cheese.

Review: Home-cooked Vegan Comfort Food

24th March 2014

Already a huge fan of Steen’s sandwich book I was really excited when I received a copy of (previously Hearty Vegan Meals for Monster Appetites) Home-cooked Vegan Comfort Food for review. I am already quite familiar with Steen’s style although here she has teamed up with someone different for the most part she still definitely likes to make you work for your supper!  I was glad to see there were in fact some simpler recipes, marked as ‘quick and easy’, my kinda meal. (more…)


9th February 2014

Some of the things I am loving at the moment:

Global Fusion The Creole Bakery. Their cakes aren’t the prettiest but you get a whole lot of it! (more…)

L♥ve: US Edition

28th February 2014

Here is a special US edition of things I loved during our trip earlier this month: (more…)


8th February 2014

Some of the things I am loving at the moment: (more…)


30th January 2014

Our family mini adventure this month led us to Portsmouth where we took a ferry or two, partook in some shopping at Gunwharf Quays and took in the views from the Spinnaka Tower.


Review: The Great Vegan Bean Book

22nd January 2014

2013 appeared to be the best year for my cookbook acquiring habit so I have attained a back log of cook books to test out. This is actually the second of Kathy Hester’s books I had, the other being Vegan Slow Cooking for Two or Just for You which we were sent for review. (more…)

Hombres Mexican Kitchen, Harrow

14th January 2013

During this amazing year of maternity leave (which is almost over *sad face*) I have mourned the loss of Burrito Friday (a little thing I started at work which morphed into furrito Friday when members of the team defected to falafel) because there has never been anywhere locally to my home to get one. (more…)

Tower of London

12th January 2014

My adventures in London continue, this week I had the great privilege of an after hours tour of the Tower of London. The Tudor era is one of my favourite periods in history and reading plenty of Philippa Gregory lately means I was familiar with most of the scandal and residents of the Tower. (more…)


6th January 2014

Some of the last few things I was loving in 2013:

♥ Museums. December saw us visiting three, none of which I have ever been to before. Shocking for a 37 year old Londoner I know.



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