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Cape Town, South Africa pt 3

17th October 2017


{ Airport to Cape Town city centre } (more…)

Cape Town, South Africa pt2

16th October 2017

So we know there are plenty of vegan establishments/options long Bree St, but what about the rest of Cape Town? (more…)

Cape Town, South Africa pt1

15th October 2017

I spent an amazing 3 weeks in Cape Town back in February, with muchos seeing of the sights and eating of all the vegan food. (more…)

Club Mexicana, Pamela, Dalston

14th April 2017

Club Mexicana in da (Pamela’s) house! Let’s not go into the huge disaster the first time I tried to go but make sure you book..and the right day…

Vegan Life Live 2017

26th January 2017

First vegan festival of the year! The calendar for 2017 is rapidly filling up with other events, we’ll see how many I will make it to.

Vegan Life Live 2017 (more…)

P&O Cruise, Iberia

15th January 2017

I had my first experience on a cruise over Christmas, whilst I was not entirely worried about starving to death (chips and salad are pretty much guaranteed everywhere) I did have some trepidation about what I would be offered. (more…)


31st December 2016

What a great year for food 2016 has been, I’m by no means finished eating for the year (there are two days left after all!) but here are a few of the things I have been loving over the last 6 months: (more…)


9th December 2016

Annual visit to Devon update. Another year another visit to see the in-laws. This year we were blessed with perfect weather, unlike previous years where it has been raining away.

IMG_0298 (more…)

Virginia Beach, USA

26th November 2016

My oh my where has the year gone??? Time does fly when there is so much good vegan food to eat doesn’t it? (more…)

Soul Circus 2016

26th August 2016

Soul Circus 2016

Last weekend was filled with 2 of my favourite things – yoga and vegan food (okay there might have been booze too, make that 3)! I spent 2 days in Cheltenham at Soul Circus battling the wind and rain that is British summer time with Yogagirllondon. (more…)

Cape Town, South Africa

21st July 2016

I’ve been back  almost a week from 6 days in Cape Town and still thinking about this cashew cheese and dill bagel from Dolce Bakery. Perfect bagel and perfect nut cheese… (more…)

Just V Show 2016

9th July 2016

Had a fun day yesterday hitting up the Just V Show with Sash (it’s on all weekend so you still have time to get down there). To make sure we did not suffer from fatigue we made sure we fuelled up before with a bento box from Oliver Maki and a vanilla froyo milkshake from Yorica with a topping or two… (more…)

L♥ve: Shoreditch Edition

25th June 2016

I don’t know exactly what has happened but since I discovered Box Park in Shoreditch was walkable during my lunch break (over a year ago) the vegan scene there has just erupted. Granted at some point or another over the course of the years you could find the odd vegan stall popping up Ms Cupcake, The Mighty Fork but there is now a constant presence, there was even a free from festival there recently (!). Here is what I have been loving in the good old East of London: (more…)

London Animal Free Festival 2016

17th June 2016

There was a new vegan festival in town so obviously Sash and I thought it would be rude not to pop along. It was a little intimate, especially if you are used to the monster that is VegfeskUK but it did remind me of the old days of the London Vegan Festival. (more…)


19th March 2016

As always lots of catching up to do with all those loves, I either need to blog more or eat less!

Wholefood Heaven. I rediscovered their amazing buddha bowl. Under that kale, seeds and chilli sauce is a creamy tofu and vegetable curry. Find them at Whitecross Street Market every Thursday and Friday and be prepared to queue.

Wholefood Heaven, Whitecross Market (more…)

Vegfest Brighton 2016

28th February 2016

Awesome day of vegan food yesterday at Vegfest Brighton or ‘Eatfest’ as Mr Ikeda has now dubbed it. It has been a good few years since the last time I have managed to make it to Brighton at all let alone for a Vegfest. It is a 2 hour journey and 3 trains but was actually not so bad so I’m definitely thinking about more trips down there. (more…)

Review: Tofuture

13th February 2016

Pretty much every vegan is going to be familiar with what is going on here:

DSC_4975 (more…)

Review: Press

31st December 2015

I’m soon to be taking on my third Press juice cleanse so I thought I should really get round to blogging them as I did Press cleanses in September and December. (more…)


29th December 2015

Just in time for my last few loves of 2015:

♥ Cocktails. Always in places you have to earn that cocktail by finding the entrance to the actual bar…

Cahoots, Soho

{ Cahoots } (more…)

V Curious Supper Club

27th November 2015

Ever since the La Belle Asiette dinner I have been watching out for further supper clubs with Rowena. With the promise of a vegan cheese board I had no problem persuading Sash to come with. (more…)

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