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Ho hum autumns here…

2 September 2014


It’s easy to get depressed at the end of summer and start of autumn.  The temperature drops, the rain starts and it must be noted that this year was a super summer, hot since June, Mediterranean temperatures.  My shorts and flip flops are worn out from so much wear (and washing :) ).


Quick and easy mallow things…

27 August 2014

So there I was, in the fortunate position of having a lot of home made marshmallows to use up.


Marshmallow mix review

12 August 2014

It’s one of those things aren’t they, marshmallows, something we vegans can easily become obsessed with.  Why shouldn’t we be able to buy marshmallows that don’t cost the earth?


Redemption review

02 June 2014

I had a LOVELY evening out at Redemption alcohol free bar the other week. You know,  that pop up bar that has now found a permanent home at Goldfinger Factory, (tube: Westbourne Park).  It has been on our list for awhile now so we were happy to get there and try it out.



25 May 2014

Unfortunately this is not a blog about “What vegan seat?”  I am not an expert in this area, I can’t add anything useful or constructive… However I can show you what this vegan has been eating of late….

Assorted salad: puy lentil, spinach & roasted sweet potato dressed in olive oil and balsamic vinegar, coleslaw & toasted walnuts, organic hummus, plain chickpeas, sun-dried tomatoes and olives and “buttered” bread.


Chloe’s Kitchen

16 May 2014

I have a LOT of cook books, some might say FAR TOO MANY (and they maybe right).  So 2014 is the year to use all my cook books. First up is Chloe Coscarelli “Chloe’s Kitchen”.


The Queen of Sheba

11 May 2014

OMG BEST FOOD EVER at the Queen of Sheba in Kentish Town.


Vegan tapas

27 April 2014

Yesterday afternoon, for some reason (I think it was the new potatoes I had just bought), I decided to make patatas bravas and an aubergine thing.  The aubergine thing was going to be in a rich tomato sauce.


Scrummy Box…

17 March 2014

This month I got to try out a new healthy, natural box called Scrummy Box. Each box promises to be seasonal and festivities themed.  I am guessing the festival part is only application if there is some such occasion in the month… Maybe Easter… Halloween erm, Christmas.


Spring is a coming…

8 March 2014

Which means it is time to say goodbye to the lovely, tasty, comforting WINTER FOOD and move into salad zone.  Don’t get me wrong, I wont be missing the cold weather, grey skies or rain BUT I will miss pies, mash, stews and custard.

Home made Ms Cupecake brownie and custard


Meridian nut butter review

27 February 2014

Has Meridian foods turned over a new nut butter leaf?


Food for thought

15 February 2014

It’s quite a nice surprise when a restaurant you haven’t been to for a long while serves up something that is totally delicious and really really perfect for that moment.

Imagine a cold and windy winters evening in London.  You have a relative visiting, my cousin, who fortunately has the same good taste in food as me.  I want to take her somewhere nice for dinner.


Cakes and Crepes, Brixton

30 January 2014

I always LOVE a day out with Mitsy moo face.  These are usually well planned events with maps and everything – Mitsu style.  However today was different. We winged it – Sasha style.

First stop Ms cupcakes, we stocked up sweet and savory items…

Chocolate chip cookie


RAW restaurant, La Suite West, Bayswater

28 January 2014

Last week we went to Raw La Suite West, Bayswater.  It is swish, swish, SWISH.


December food swap

28 December 2013

Quick!  I must blog about my December food swap before the year ends…  This month has been a slow (or rather non existent) bog month for me. Good thing I have a reliable, wordy blogging partner who just… keeeeeps blogging (like SCD “keeeeeep dancing”).

Best vegan food swap question “Let me know what you like/dislike?”  Here there are a couple of options; list the things you don’t wish to receive, be at the mercy of your food swappers taste and don’t specify, list what you love….  Or any combination of the afore mentioned responses.


OMBAR chocolate review

05 December 2013

Would you like to review some OMBAR chocolate?

Is the sun yellow?  Is there a “d” in the day?  Is my name Sasha?  YES YES YES…. Yes please.


Winter warming FOOD

22 November 2013

There is one good thing about winter….  It’s the FOOD.  But then you know I was going to say that don’t you!

Winter to me is all about gravy, mash potato, custard, hot chocolate (not all on one plate).

Hot choc made with sweet freedom choc shots.


Cauliflower cheese

13 November 2013

If it’s growing in the garden then it will be picked and eaten….  (Only food obviously).


Cheat “apple crumble” in 5 minutes

6 November 2013

What I do with a packet of biscuits, a carton of custard and an apple?  Well I make apple crumble of sorts!  There is nothing like a bung-it-together sweet pudding, after a reasonably healthy dinner is there?!


Sasha’s October food swap

31 October 2013

All my lovely food swappers send cards :) . Cute n’est pas.  This month I expressed my love for chocolate but 1st…


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