Dogfather Diner, Soho

7th November 2012

After finding out Dogfather diner‘s vegetarian option dog was also vegan I have been watching them carefully on Twitter. For a long time they have been at the end of the world (aka North Cross Market, Dulwich) but for the next 2 weeks they have a residency at The Sun & 13 Canton in Soho.

I kinda had my heart set on the sag aloo dog but unfortunately it was not available until today. Not to worry! Sash and I were very happy with the caramelised onion, tomato and  jalepeno laden creation that arrived before us.

The fries (with skins on) were super tasty. The bread was soft and there was plenty of it.  It turns out this is essential for holding the generous topping in, although mine fell apart but sticky fingers and messy chops are the sign of a good meal right?!

£8 or £6.50 without fries (but why would you not have the fries??)

We were also lucky enough to have the Dogfather himself Cooper deliver our dogs, a dude with an air of rockabilly about him who recalled a random tweet about vegan dogs. I have been watching you sir waiting for you to cross my territory and you didn’t disappoint! I hope he achieves his dream of opening a diner preferably at my end of the world.

So GO, have vegan hot dogs and perhaps one may appear permanently on the menu..?

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