Drink, Shop & Do, King’s Cross

15th November 2012

The smell of the dabber, the palpable sensation of competitiveness in the air, the prizes glistening temptingly under the muted lighting, a crisp fresh bingo card. Bingo! Yes that is what I am talking about.

After 20 years since last partaking in a game of Bingo at Eastbourne pier it felt good to be back in the saddle. The noughties version of bingo is refreshed with customised dabbers, kitsch prizes such as a cupcake holder, plastic rain hat, a giant calculator, a Bonnie Tyler LP (actually perhaps the prizes haven’t changed that much), and music instead of numbers. There was not a grey haired dear in sight (probably for the best since it was really was rather loud, lots of cocktails were being consumed and the hostess was slightly tipsy).

The venue was the super cute Drink, Shop & Do in King’s Cross, a shop where you can err drink, shop and do… At the front of the shop you can purchase crafty type materials like wool and other haberdashery, plus there is an old fashioned sweet counter where you can purchase tea cup full measures to eat at the back which is a bar/café and where the bingo action was taking place.

@michelleb165, @jayneferst and I settled ourselves at a table and took care of a matter of great importance. The first rule of bingo club is never tell anyone about bingo club. Oh right, wrong club. Of course the real first rule of bingo is never play on an empty stomach. The lovely Jayne Ferst who’s birthday we were there to celebrate was ever attentive to my needs and had contacted beforehand to ensure there would be vegan options. Possibly because one of their staff is also vegan it turns out they always have at least one vegan option (they also do a vegan afternoon tea eek!). On this occasion it was a roasted vegetable couscous salad.

I couldn’t spot many vegetables, but there was plenty of chickpeas and it was all well flavoured. The accompanying lettuce was undressed, as was the super firm and crispy cucumber wedges. Some taste was added by the olives and a few too many sun dried tomatoes. It was for me at least what I would regard as a very light meal, which I later topped up with some ready salted crisps but it didn’t even keep me full till I got home. After staring forlornly at the cocktails passing me by I ordered a virgin version a Garden something or other which was  a virgin mojito with lime, sugar and basil leaves instead of mint, which actually worked really well. I didn’t have the energy or the heart to make one of the staff check which of the sweets were vegan perhaps I will save that task for one of their unsuspecting staff another time, sweets in a tea cup is just too cute to be missing out on.

Belly full(ish) we were ready for the game to commence. A DJ in the corner played tune after boogy in your seat tune (the Motown round was my favourite). I strategically forwent a decidedly non-vegan prize of Jaffa cakes to hold out for a plastic rain hat, but sadly as any seasoned bingo player will tell you, you don’t get anything for a pair…or was that Bruce?

Still the night and company itself were prize enough, and Jayne went home with a pimp my dabber runner up prize so we all went home winners.

Dare you venture down to the toilets??

Find out more details about the musical bingo night and other events here.

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