Eastenders Part One

30th August 2009

London has lots of little vegan hotspots, we seem to have covered much of the vegan motherland – Camden Town, so now it was time to look further a field. East London also has its fair share of eateries so Sash and I decided to put on our walking shoes and hit the streets.

Unforunately because it was a Sunday, some of the places on my list were closed or opened a little later than we would be passing by so I had to modify the route slightly. We are looking to go to the places we missed out another time.

Our journey started at Spitalfields Market and just behind it is Spitalfields Organic, a health food shop where we picked up a bit of shopping.

Then we walked down Brick Lane and said ‘hi’ to the guys on the Rootmaster bus (yes a fully converted and fully functioning restaurant) getting ready for lunch service.

Time for a pit stop and we rested ourselves at the Gallery Cafe in Bethnal Green, interestingly it is the vegetarian items that are denoted with a (V) on their menu, as most of it is vegan. We were saving ourselves for our meal at the next place on the list, but cupcakes however are always the exception to this rule! With some juice to quench our thirst and a cupcake to keep sugar levels up we sat outside. We couldn’t quite work out what flavour the cupcake was meant to be, but the main items on the menu sound good and it was  chilled and cosy inside. We also discovered they will be having a Clothing Swap next thursday 7-9pm (entry £3) so maybe we’ll get to try something then if the clothes aren’t too distracting.

Refuelled it was on to Hackney and the Pogo Cafe. We nearly missed it completely as the signage outside is very subtle.

Sunday appears to be all day breakfast day so Sasha went for the ‘Devil’ and I went for the ‘Angel’. I have only ever had scrambled tofu once  before which I made myself and it wasn’t entirely successful, I now realise this is because I was using silken tofu (doh!). It was all very tasty and if I lived in the area I think this could definitely become a regular sunday morning treat. There is a corner with sofas for lounging which were getting good use and there was a very laid back feel to the place – quite a lot of vegan places do!

Now when I am not usually a dessert person (which may be hard to believe in light of my cupcake habit), but if I am at a vegan restaurant  I always have one. Let’s face it the liklihood of me getting them anywhere else is practically nonexistent. Oh the things I do in the name of veganism, more specifically the Mexican chocolate cake and banana and chocolate brownie. :o)

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