12th January 2013

A few of the things I loved from last year:

♥ Monster cherry on my cupcake. Sash actually suspected that the Lil Man picked this cupcake out specifically for the fruit. *glows with motherly pride*

Ruby Tuesdays double chocolate cupcake

♥ Vegan sausage casserole with sweet potato and celeriac mash from Down to Earth. Super smooth and creamy mash with a fresh tomato sauce (I know because I found a tomato stalk!) and I think what might have been Vegusto sausages, don’t ask me why I thought this as I had never had tried any of them before at the time, vegan intuition perhaps? Am hoping to go back and try out some of their raw dishes.

Down to Earth on Urbanspoon

Mortmier white couverture powder. Courtesy of the Vegan Food Swap. Recipe for hot white chocolate here.

Fry’s Country mushroom pie. Giving me severe flashbacks to the days of chip shop chicken and mushroom pies.

with baked beans, caulipots (from Appetite for Reduction) and lentil gravy

♥ Hot chocolate at The Gate, sweet but just short of too sweet and I love me a hot drink served in a glass.

Gate on Urbanspoon

Inspiral Lounge peatnut butter tart, in my opinion their best dessert. Eaten in bed whilst catching up on Season 6 of Lost.

Inspiral on Urbanspoon

♥ Lil Man’s birthday cake. I had someone make the cake toppers for me, it was also the first year I’ve put actual evil sugar in his birthday cake. Oh the scandal!

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