National Cupcake Week #5

17th September 2010

Red velvet cupcakes have been an ongoing obsession for me. It must be over a year and  half ago that I became determined to make a red velvet cupcake without artifical food colouring. I started off using beetroot juice but it failed to give me the vibrant red that I was trying to replicate, I was starting to think that there was no way to do it and then I came across this recipe by Bittersweet. Handily Ms Kaminsky had apparently done all the hard work for me using actual beetroot and so off I happily baked.

Now the thing with this recipe is that the redness is still quite subtle and beetroot has a strong earthy flavour. Logically reducing the amount of cocoa in the recipe will give a lighter batter which should take on the colour of the beetroot better. This however means it tastes more beetrooty. I love putting veggies into cakes, it’s such a sneaky way to add extra goodness into things. Using beetroot is not actually that uncommon in chocolate cakes as it makes for a moister cake, carrot no one would bat an eyelid at but I have seen recipes calling for courgette and I also used to make sweet potato cupcakes on our first stalls.

Anyway back to the recipe! Recently I took the challenge up again and decided my weapon of choice would be  my trusty powdered beetroot. Flavourwise my favourite recipe is from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World, so I just switched the articifical food colouring for some of the powder.

Fiddling with cocoa/beetroot powder ratios

Alas the flavour and the colour is still not quite there, so unfortuately there is yet no THV recipe for this one, but you can always have a go at Hannah’s in the meantime.

This will also be my last National Cupcake Week blog as tomorrow I am off to the Viva Incredible Veggie Roadshow in Brighton and mooch around Brighton in general with Sash. Holla if you see us! x

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