Saf, Kensington

5th September 2013

It has been almost a year since I have been back to Saf. A less than favourable experience last time meant I wasn’t in any rush to go back, but Sash had been back, enjoyed it and now had a 50% Groupon discount voucher burning a whole in her pocket, so what the heck!

The voucher had to be used with a set menu of starters and mains which had both raw and non raw options. There was four us so we had all the options covered. I went all raw.

I gotz to have the cheese.

Caraway coated cashew cheese no less. With the cheese you know you are safe.

I had a taste of the the non raw starter of slow roasted aubergine stacks and it was was also good.

The raw main was teriyaki brochettes – marinated skewered summer vegetables (yum) topped with wasabi aioli (also yum) served on a bed of sesame-ginger cabbage vermicelli (hat trick yum).

And the non raw main a generously portioned Massamam curry was also enjoyed, I had a taste of the sauce which was creamy and coconutty.

Heady with the excitement that Saf were ‘back’, we went crazy and ordered dessert too.

Le sigh.

Four different desserts were ordered, here they are.

Tiramisu. In a bowl. So sweet I only managed a few mouthfuls.

Flan. Do we call this techni-colour? It scared me a little, but to be fair our fellow diner did enjoy it.

An okay raw lime mousse tart.

And a really disappointing cherry chocolate roulade.

I really am finding it hard to write some sort of conclusion to this post, the desserts kinda spoilt the memory of the rest of the meal, but I don’t doubt I will go back again. I have finally accepted that Saf Kensington is never going to be Saf Shoreditch.

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3 Responses to “Saf, Kensington”

  1. Jojo Says:

    I’ve heard so many mixed reviews about this Saf that I’ve never been. Perhaps I’ll go and have something cheesy and pick up some chocolates from WF for dessert!

  2. Emma Says:

    You’re so right. I loved saf shoreditch so much and had an amazing 21st birthday meal there with about 25 of my friends and family. I’ve tried Saf Kensington a few times now and, while it’s been ok, the presentation was a little sloppy and the dishes jut weren’t as well thought out 🙁 The cheese and crackers are always good though!

  3. mitsu Says:

    yeah the cheese is always good, sadly they don’t do the cheese tasting platter. It’s a crime I tells ya!

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