Supperclub, Notting Hill

19th September 2013

Eating in bed (with 21 other people), watching people writhing around in paint, a human canvas and Van Gogh flame throwing and cutting off his ear. Just another typical Saturday night for this girl.

Okay you got me! A not so typical hen night then. Hosted by Supperclub, with tasty vegan food (sorry I know there is nothing worse than badly lighted food photos)

(damn you quirky venues and you moody lighting)

(the beetroot soup, bruschetta and mushroom shaped vegetable pie were pretty good so we’ll forgive them the sorbet)

arty entertainment

good music and most importantly fab company.

I LOVE my girls. We really need to dance on a bed more often!

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2 Responses to “Supperclub, Notting Hill”

  1. Emma Says:

    This looks crazy! But a fabulous idea for a wild hen night!

  2. mitsu Says:

    They have themed nights, it was ‘art’ when we went, next is my all time favourite Alice in Wonderland.

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