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Use your Noodle

12th October 2012

Do you slurp when you eat your noodles? I do, it drives Mr Ikeda crazy but it’s the Japanese way (that’s what we tell him anyway). I’m not talking Super Noodles here, noodles should come with soup unless their fried so they reaaalllly slurp when you’re eating them. This is the way of the samurai ramen. (more…)

Fast Love

10th September 2010

Something is happening to fast food, have you noticed it? It’s fast (ha ha) becoming all about sustainability, seasonality, recycling and composting (all the things we love at THV!). Otarian the first carbon neutral fast food restaurant have branched over from the US to open 2 shops here last month, but back in 2004 Leon were aiming to prove that fast food can be good for you and the planet. (more…)

Review – Peppersmith chewing gum

19 April 2010

Not so long ago I read about a biodegradable chewing gum in the Sunday Observer.  Hmmm that’s something to chew over (get it?!).


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