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RAW restaurant, La Suite West, Bayswater

28 January 2014

Last week we went to Raw La Suite West, Bayswater.  It is swish, swish, SWISH.



10th July 2013

Trials with the dehydrator continue, after a cracker fail I have been concentrating on kale chips. (more…)

Dehydration 101

16th June 2013

My dehydrator has been glaring at me from its spot on top of the fridge for a year now, neglected after only a handful of uses. I think this is partly down to my newbiness to it all. So, I decided to go back to school and read the entire Excalibur manual to get a grip of the basics before ‘firing’ her up. A little rawist humour for you there.


Review: Detox Your World

16th May 2013

If you follow me on Twitter you will know that I am partial to a green smoothie now and again, but never venture out of the green comfort zone. Same glass, same ingredients everytime. That all changed when Detox Your World kindly sent us some ingredients and recipe to make a *gasp* non green smoothie. (more…)


7th May 2013

A few of the things I am loving at the moment:

♥ Hand-me-downs. I can’t wait for the Lil Man to fit into a baseball shirt from his New Jersey cousin.


Saf, Kensington

6th September 2012

Sash and I had already planned to go to for dinner, but when I realised it would be the week before our 5 year anniversary of turning vegan we decided to make it a celebration. (more…)

Urban Eats, Holborn

14th March 2012

I do love vegan adventure in the morning, which is exactly what I found myself on last week. After hearing on Twitter (where else) that there was a new raw restaurant in Holborn I hatched a cunning plan to fit it in to my busy schedule. (more…)

To be a healthy or unhealthy vegan – that is the question?

25 June 2010

“Hi, I am a vegan….”  You know how the rest of the  conversation.  “What do you eat?  Salad?  Can you eat cheese?  No, what about goat’s cheese?”  “You much be SO healthy” (more…)

Going Raw with The Natives

14th May 2010

I am definitely finding the raw Wednesday easier and even looking forward to them…especially now Sash is getting more gourmet. This week I was served up raw crackers with raw humous.


Conscious Chocolate Review

13th May 2010

This delivery of raw chocolate from Conscious Chocolate couldn’t have come at a better time. We were shortly about to embark on our raw Wednesdays (and these helped me out a lot the first couple of weeks!) and I had just seen the Panaroma show on ‘fairtrade’ chocolate. (more…)

Raw Like Vegan Sushi

16th of April 2010

Ok sorry, no sushi here but plenty of raw! This week Sasha resurrected her hidden rawist. Previously she has been aiming to be 75% raw, but understandably didn’t find it quite so easy when the cold whether kicked in, and let’s face it, it has been cold! Thankfully now that sunshine has reappeared in our lives, it seems to make going raw that bit easier and so Sash declared Wednesday a raw day. (more…)

Review: The Raw Chocolate Co.

23rd March 2010

All last week my team of tasters and I have been steadily working our way through all seven bars of The Raw Chocolate Co’s range. Before you wonder about our expanding waste lines, this is healthy chocolate, yep you heard me! (more…)

Saffy Birthday

13th March 2010

Tonight was birthday dinner night and on the request of the birthday girl we went to Saf. If you’ve not heard of Saf it is a raw, organic  completely vegan restaurant in Shoreditch. Saf is the only place I can have a starter, main and dessert, feel virtuous and not like I’m going to pop after. (more…)

New Years Resolutions

02 January 2010

My first blog of 2010, its only right that it is about new years resolutions.  Have you got any this year?  How many have you made?  Are they same ones as last year or have you already achieved those? (more…)

Raw Reading

20 November 2009

Time for another book sharing session, its like a book club here I tell thee…. (more…)

75% raw living is harder than I thought….

25 October 2009

25% raw living on a daily basis is easier for me to achieve than 75%.  However, I don’t think I will be getting all the health benefits I want!  I can eat fruit for breakfast and salad for lunch.  I can even make my dinner a lightly cooked stir fry with relative ease if I come home and cook.  So whats going wrong I hear you ask? (more…)

Raw hummus

9 October 2009

My raw food challenge is to make tasty, textured, good food.  So everything I eat cooked I want to try and make raw.  Something I eat all the time is hummus so here is the recipe of a raw one. (more…)

In the name raw vegan research

7 October 2009 

Embracing raw living for me, week and a bit to date, has included; a two day not so happy fruit detox, 5 days of more fruit, healthy & nutritious salads, sprouts and then 2 days of cooked grain to leave me with a stable 75% raw diet.  But then I went to the health shop and OMG there is raw ice cream out there.  Well for the good of the website I thought I should buy some & review it (yes for you, not me!). (more…)

Sprouting, easy as 1,2,3….

5 October 2009

I purchased my hemp sprouting bag at the festival of life 2008 after see a sprouting demo and being motivated by the sprout with ease bug.  I took my new purchase home and stored it safely in a cupboard for a little over a year.  Occasionally I would stumble accros it when digging around in the back of said cupboard and say to myself “sprouting, yes I must do that soon…..”  And then life would carry on. (more…)

Simply raw

01 October 2009

After a couple of days of eating only fruit it was time to add some veggies into my diet.  This might not sound that exciting to you but after 2 days of eating fruit I could hardly wait…. (more…)

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