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A few of my favourite things..

30 September 2013

The last day of vegan mofo 2013.  Time to celebrate another fantastic mofo year!  Here is the blog roll ( a list of mofo vegan bloggers)

My last blog for 2013 is going to include some of my current favorite vegan things.  Now I have included the word “current” because my favorite things change… 🙂


The Mighty Fork, Venn St Mkt Clapham

14th July 2013

I do not believe that for one second a vegan hot dog stall opening is a coincidence, after my attempts at a Coney Island dog (my how sad my little dog looks now) and dragging Sash to Soho for hot dogs last year. This my friends was meant to be.

The vegan food scene was in need of something like this – The Mighty Fork with it’s gourmet twist on the humble dawg. (more…)

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