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Wahaca again – a success or not this time?!

13 February 2012

With a visit to Wahaca one always has to consider the possible outcomes, average food, cheese in vegan food or a darn fine burritto?


Wahaca: The Return

12th June 2011

I have a certain philosophy, if I eat somewhere and I don’t like it I never write it off straight away. I may have a groanĀ  and a grumble but I like to think I am quite an optimistic person and so the thought of going to any restaurant excites me, even if I have already been unstatisfied there before.


Wahaca, Westfields & Covent Garden

17th April 2011

Fajitas, burritos, tacos, nachos, quesadillas, jalapenos – I love it all! Mexican food is one of my favourite cuisines, no doubt it’s something to do with spiciness. Wahaca is a Mexican restuarant selling market style food, WAY out of Chiquitos league (I was unfortunate enough to live near one, how fresh do you think the food is if they can’t make you a dish vegan because ‘that’s how it comes’ ie in a packet?). (more…)

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