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Wing Yip, Staples Corner Part 2

7th  May 2011

The eye catching ‘business centre’ opposite the supermarket is yet to have traders take up residence but the supermarket has enough items for you to fill an hour label reading.


Wing Yip, Staples Corner Part 1

28th April 2011

Unfortunately for me, I no longer live near any ethnic supermarkets, of course we make a special effort for a regular trip to a favourite Japanese shop to stock up, but I miss mooching around the little Asian stores seeing what treasures can be found. If you happen to live near an Oriental supermarket but haven’t thought about venturing in let THV be your guide! (more…)

Community fantastic

16 January 2009

Yesterday I started the day with a lovely spirulina berry smoothie.  YUM.  After a start like that I know its going to be a good day and community foods did not let me down.


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