Taste of Asia: Vietnam

10th February 2013

It’s been a while but Asia is still providing plenty of vegan options havng covered  China, Japan and Thailand, Vietnameme cuisine is currently having it’s moment in the city.

Definitely the most popular and well known restaurant must be Pho, a chain with branches all over London. Pho has several dishes that are vegan friendly and if you like your food with a bit of a kick like me it hits the spot.

On our last visit I had the curry which has to be one of my favourite dishes there, creamy sauce and lots of it as well as a generous portion of veggies and chewy fried tofu. Even I didn’t need to add any of the extra chilli condiments that were on the table.

Com Chay Cari: tofu, veggies and mushrooms

Sash went for the cold noodles which was essentially a starter and main in one as it came with a plentiful supply of crispy fried spring rolls.

Bun Cha Gio Chay: topped with veggie spring rolls

Pho on Urbanspoon

City Caphe is very near my work, and last year Chao Now opened. Both these places serve banh mi, quite a recent discovery for me. It is born out of their French colonial period and is a marriage of the French baguette and Vietnamese ingredients.

Chao Now, vegetarian banh mi chay

Although I was told all the vegetarian options were vegan over email by Chao Now, we spotted them using mayo and butter on the baguettes so asked for without  once in the shop.

City Caphe, lemongrass tofu baguette

Of the two the City Caphe was better, there was barely any tofu in my Chao Now version although Sash opted for her Chao Now in a box with rice and it had a plentiful supply.

City Càphê on Urbanspoon

Chao Now on Urbanspoon

The bread definitely plays a big part of it, the baguette itself should be crispy, but I managed to compensate with an awesome filling when I made my own version.

With leftover baked tofu, mayo, sweet chilli sauce and shredded cabbage, carrot and onion.








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