Tea for Three

29th December 2010

Cup of tea? Mmm meh. Afternoon tea? Gimme gimme gimme!

My first experience of an afternoon tea was at the Burj Al Arab in Dubai on my honeymoon. This was before I was vegan, but when I found out there was places in London you could get a vegan afternoon tea it became my obsession to try them all!

Mr Ikeda, our Little Man and I all headed into London for tea at Fortnum and Mason (please see note below). My first vegan afternoon tea was at The Ritz about 3 years ago, in comparison F&M wasn’t quite as grand, more modern but definitely just as swish.

To start I had marinated peppers with a parsnip soup that my son absolutely loved. Then came the best bit the cake stand:

The bottom layer was filled with crustless sandwiches 2 variteties both delicious and interesting fillings (vs The Ritz cucumber and tomato) – chargrilled pepper, sun blushed tomato and rocket, marinated artichoke, hummus and watercress.

Homemade scones and jam were ok. Then a fabulous chocolate fudgy oozy type cake, champagne jelly and berries (Ritz – no cakes, fruit platter only).

My blended breakfast tea was served with soya milk (none at The Ritz). They also offer additional sandwiches and scones.

Service was as you would expect. I was a bit hesitant about the Lil Man as he is an extremely chatty little thing these days but no one seemed bothered even when Mr Ikeda had a private screening of Scooby Doo on his phone.

Vegan afternoon tea £34

I have since discovered that Fortnum and Mason stock foie grais. To me one animal product is no different to another, I wouldn’t consume any of them and I still eat out in places that serve meat. However in light of the fact that Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, and the larger supermarkets have all stopped selling this product I believe Fortnum and Mason should do the same. Had I known this before, I would have chosen to go elsewhere. I have emailed them and asked them to take foie gras off their shelves so that I can wholeheartedly¬† recommend their vegan afternoon tea to others, I was gutted to say the least. Please contact them and ask them to do the same via their website here and find more information about PETA’s campagin here.

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  1. CARYNE Says:

    I do agree with you about the one animal product being the same as another, I find it very odd how some people, including many animal rights groups, get so worked up about restaurants serving some types of meat (Zebra, Ostrich etc) yet totally ignore those that serve cow,sheep, etc. I’m not happy about ANY animal being killed for food but by complaining more about so-called ‘exotic meats’ they are falling into the trap that it is more ‘ok’ to eat some animals than others. If I wanted to be pedantic I would say an animal shot and killed in the wild for food would have had a better life than a domesticated farmed animal and it could be said to be worse to eat the latter! I don’t believe that, of course, we should not eat any living creature, but if I was to play devil’s advocate….

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