TGI The Weekend

8th January 2011

My first week at work has flown by in a flurry of stressful days and late nights. That will teach me to take two weeks off work before busiest time in the office! After shock to my system getting up early and not seeing my Lil Man every minute of the day I could not wait for the weekend. I already had my recipes I intended to make all before I got to Friday.

So here is what my first weekend of 2012 has entailed.

Tonkatsu ramen

I drizzled some Bull-Dog tonkatsu sauce on a Redwoods southern fried style burger sliced it up and popped it on top of my ramen. This burger is my tonkatsu go to when I make Japanese katsu curry also.

Traditionally tonkatsu is made with pork, breaded with Panko (love that word!) and deep fried. The Bull-Dog sauce is made fruits and vegetables, I can’t really think of an English equivalent, but I did use it as substitute for Worcester sauce in something else I made today (see below).  I picked the noodles up during my last trip to Wing Yip.

Then I tested out my new donut molds. I used this recipe from The Joy of Clean Eating, using Sunwheel fruit spread instead of the apple butter and leaving out the sugar.

I did three toppings – completely glazed, glazed topped with sprinkles and a chocolate coated. The chocolate was my fav. 🙂

The weekends are also a time for ‘special’ breakfasts, normally we have croissants or pancakes, after seeing this recipe by Maple Spice I decided to get the waffle maker out. I never tried waffles before I went vegan so it is one of those things I find hard to make as I am never sure what they should be like, plus  I don’t think I quite have the knack of my waffle iron yet. I liked the idea of using the sparkling water to make them more fluffly, mine turned out a little crispy but were still a tasty accompaniment to the Linda Mccartney sausages (half price in Sainsburys at the moment) and maple syrup. Practice makes perfect I guess so I will give it another go next weekend, oh what a hard life…

The finaly recipe comes curtesy of Mr Blumenthal and was from his new show earlier this week. I managed to burn the bottom of my new pressure cooker (thanks for that Hest!) but the results I have to say were delicious, although you definitely have to work hard to earn that supper.

I used canned kidney beans so that took quite a few steps out, I also left out the vine infused tomatoes as they got burnt and added half a tin of tomatoes instead of the 3 medium called for in the recipe. Plus I had to mentally block out the nice big dollop of fat that goes in which was the spiced butter (replacing the Worcester sauce with tonkatsu sauce), it does make the chilli look so silky and alluring though. (Oh and I used Realeat veggie mince that has been in my freezer for about a million years).

Suffice to say I have made up for the missed dinners I had earlier in the week. 🙂

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