The Coach & Horses and Lick Gelato, Soho

29th July 2012

So, after such a good experience at vegetarian pub The Smithfield Tavern Sash and I decided to mosey on over to their sister pub, The Coach and Horses in Soho.

The pub itself is a very traditional pub and small, but does have serveral tables. We were not quite sure what was on the menu as the one on their website is out of date.  So I was glad to see the tofush was still on there and it was a toss up between the burger and the polenta for our other dish. All mains have to be requested vegan on ordering.

Grilled polenta and artichokes £7.25

The polenta was a good choice, I do not really have much experience with polenta, I have never made it myself and it’s usually been soft or on the soggy side when I have had it, so this firmer variation was really enjoyable. This polenta was grilled, flavoured with rosemary and garlic and topped with a cherry tomato sauce, probably one of the best versions of polenta I have ever had.

Tofush & chips £8.95

Sadly the tofush, a vegetarian take on fish and chips was disappointing. The tofu itself was only very thinly battered and was flavourless, the fried seaweed did give it fishness but visually was not appealing and I was a bit put off by the oiliness of it. I would have prefered mushy peas to the crushed garden peas. The only vegan dessert option was fruit, but I had already set our sights on some vegan gelato to finish off our meal.


Coach & Horses on Urbanspoon

Lick Gelato have an impressve array of vegan flavoured sorbets, at the time of our visit these were mango, wild cherry, chocolate, lychee, wild berries plus others I can’t remember!

We went for one scoop of chocolate and one scoop of cherry, they were definitely full of flavour, but very icey and sorbet tasting, which I suppose it what they are! Having experienced Scoops take on it however (which is super smooth and tastes like ice cream), it just could not compete. If it is an cold treat you are after I would also recommend Tutti Frutti who do a soya frozen yogurt that tastes just like soft serve.

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