The Karma Free Pizza Company, Harrow

20th July 2011

I have always though that a vegan pizzeria would do really well in London. Not just somewhere that will leave the cheese off but somewhere a vegan can really feel welcome.

Currently the pizza restaurant making the most effort for their dairy free customers is Otto Pizza in Nottinghill who make their vegan cheese toppings themselves. Of course various chains have vegan bases which means their pizzas can be made vegan but other places to try include The Gallery Cafe in Bethnal Green and in Brighton Pizza Face who will use vegan cheese for an extra charge and VBites. It is also worth checking Pogo Cafe in Hackney as they have served them in the past.

Or you could just go HERE – The Karma Free Pizza Company and be guaranteed a delicious, well, karma free pizza!!

When I heard about Karma Free over at Veg London I was interested, when I realised it was virtually on my doorstep I was EXCITED! The whole menu is vegetarian and Cheezly is used as the vegan cheese alternative. They are also the first company to use ‘slaughter free’ milk in their vegetarian cheese which you can read more about here.

I managed to wait a full 3 days before I was knocking down their door.

Dough balls – little clouds of yumminess £2.95

Garlic bread £1.95

And the pizzas?

Cosmic Explosion £8.95

Sweet Paradise £6.95

The bases are thin but not too thin or crispy, just soft and yielding with just a bit of  crunch round the edges. Their sauce was rich and sweet, quite frankly with such great bases any toppings are going to taste delicious. Of the two Sweet Paradise I think is going to become my ‘usual’ but as they will deliver to my door I could easily work my way through the menu – all in the name of reseach of course.

I also met Saloni who was so friendly, one half of the duo behind the pizzeria, she is obviously very passionate about the business, the pizzas, the ingredients and the ethics behind it all.

Did I also mention they use organic ingredients? I am feeling like one very happy AND lucky vegan right now.

(Oh and I had the left overs for my lunch the next day and it was still just as good :)).

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