The Mighty Fork, Venn St Mkt Clapham

14th July 2013

I do not believe that for one second a vegan hot dog stall opening is a coincidence, after my attempts at a Coney Island dog (my how sad my little dog looks now) and dragging Sash to Soho for hot dogs last year. This my friends was meant to be.

The vegan food scene was in need of something like this – The Mighty Fork with it’s gourmet twist on the humble dawg.

And yesterday, the day we had ALL been waiting for finally arrived.

Visually I loved everything about their website, dogs included, I could feel it in my bones, this was going to be good. Eager beavers that we are they weren’t fully set up when we got there so we wandered off to enjoy the sun and surroundings of Clapham Common.

The Lil Man was reluctant to enter the water for approximately the 1 second captured here. I took home a happy, full, soaking wet little boy that day.

I am not saying Sash is nosey, but she will be all up in your toppings!

From the moment we got a sneak peak of the menu online the Yasai Dog had to be mine, but it turns out I loved the Brew Dog even more, made from a secret Portuguese recipe. Holy hot beer sauce batman!

But the real topping on the hot dog are Rita and Pete. Sweetest. Couple. EVER. I was so pleased to hear they sold out on their first day.

Now my wait begins for them to open a diner…

They are currently at Venn Street Market, with Ms Cupcake a couple of stalls down your dessert will be sorted too. 🙂




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