Vegan Life Live 2017

26th January 2017

First vegan festival of the year! The calendar for 2017 is rapidly filling up with other events, we’ll see how many I will make it to.

Vegan Life Live 2017

{ Ally Pally }

I very bravely ventured to Alexandra Palace with both kids and met up with Toxic Vegan to eat ALL THE FOOD at Vegan Life Live. It’s a new venue for a vegan festival but it was still quite a small event and obviously full to the brim.

Vegan Life Live 2017

Festivals went a bit stagnant for a year or two where it was always the same products/brands and nothing new seemed to be debuting. But 2016 saw a definite surge of new vegan players really upping the game with new shops opening (and more this year) which meant there were lots of new things to look at and eat.

Vegan Life Live 2017

{ Did you not know all vegan cupcakes are made by Unicorns? }

Vegan Life Live 2017

{ True dat Pomo x }

We stayed a good few hours, so unlike my usual visits, I managed to get look at everything. Happy Maki, Yoirca (first time seeing their cute little van), Pomodoro E Basilico and Mooshies had insane queues so took the opportunity to try out something new.

Vegan Life Live 2017

{ One Pizza Planet }


{ Mex It Up BBQ jackfruit Nacho Burger }

Vegan Life Live 2017

{ Infamous ‘Hardcore‘ baked cheesecake }

We ate our way through many, many, many samples (90% chocolate) and admired the latest vegan clothing lines – favs being Ethics and Antics, Viva La Vegan and VGN.

Vegan Life Live 2017

{ Why, yes we do 🙂 }

See more photos from the day here.

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  1. Sarah Says:

    It’s great to hear that Vegan products are starting to branch out a bit more, and not be afraid to be different. That’s really important if the whole movement is going to feel autonomous and brave, rather than just doing the same old thing every year. Glad to hear chocolate is definitely not off the menu when you become a vegan!

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