Wing Yip, Staples Corner Part 1

28th April 2011

Unfortunately for me, I no longer live near any ethnic supermarkets, of course we make a special effort for a regular trip to a favourite Japanese shop to stock up, but I miss mooching around the little Asian stores seeing what treasures can be found. If you happen to live near an Oriental supermarket but haven’t thought about venturing in let THV be your guide!One of the larger chains of Chinese supermarkets is Wing Yip.  Our old local branch is by Staples Corner (Cricklewood store) and we still make the trip there on special occasions because it is also home to one of our fav Chinese restuarants – Wing Tai.

They have always been very accomodating to me, they have never made an issue of me requesting this or that be left out, even suggesting tofu be replaced for meat in certain dishes. During the lunch time hours when dim sum is served they have only one vegetarian dish but it’s a good one and I ALWAYS have it:

The best gai lin (Chinese broccoli) ever and some grilled beancurd dumplings.

Vegetarian lettuce parcel

Vegetarian Singapore noodles with no egg

If you happen to go there you will also notice some cryptic numbers up on one wall at the back of the restuarant. I knew the Chinese were superstitious and that the number 8 was meant to lucky (thanks HSBC!), but apparently it’s not unsual to mount a string of numbers up in your restuarant. My lucky number is 5 by the way. 🙂

Lucky numbers

That’s the restaurant done, prepare for a vegan trip amongst the shopping aisles of Wing Yip.

Wing Tai on Urbanspoon

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