Happy Veganniversary!

08 September 2013

We have been vegans for 6 years now!  6 years!  Where does the time go…..?  I know the answer to this.  The time passes by eating lovely vegan food with my lovely vegan counterpart and a lovely friend :).

It is going to be no surprise for you to hear that we went out for dinner to celebrate.  I mean there is a “d” in the day so any reason for eating good vegan food is grabbed enthusiastically.  So off we headed on our walk to the end designation…

First a 30 minute walk along canal ways… (yes this is London!)

When we joined the canal pass we weren’t sure which direction to go, as we stood there faffing for a bit.  Fortunately an American man walked passed and pointed us in the right direction to…

There are so many new vegan places to meet in Camden, so much choice.  For me, right now, in and around Camden has the best vegan choices.  We are planning several BIG VEGAN DAYS OUT around Camden so look out for the blogs.

For our veganniversary we headed to an oldie but a goodie…  Manna.

Sausage & mash served with onion rings and gravy
Mezze board – thai salad, indian pizza, cannellini bean slider (our choices)
Special – Carrot cake with lemon frosting cheese cake & ginger ice cream
ice cream and cookie semi-freddo

We had the pleasure of seeing Robyn just before pudding.  Love that lady.  She has the greatest laugh.  So much so that if I think of her laughing it makes me laugh!  How great is that!

As you know I am a Manna fan so the mean was great, company was lovely.  We shared the food between 3 people and it was £22 per head.

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