A few of my favourite things..

30 September 2013

The last day of vegan mofo 2013.  Time to celebrate another fantastic mofo year!  Here is the blog roll ( a list of mofo vegan bloggers)

My last blog for 2013 is going to include some of my current favorite vegan things.  Now I have included the word “current” because my favorite things change… 🙂

First up is rawlicious date & cashew snacks.  Expense BUT worth it for an occasional treat.  These taste just like shortbread.  No really, its true.  * Pulls it’s-the-truth face*.

Second up is Good Greens chocolate berry bar.  This came through in a snack box.  IT TASTES AMAZING.  And we (neither Mits no I can find it anywhere.  *cries*.  If you see it anywhere can you please buy me some :).

Thirdly is the mighty fork hot dogs.  Give them a try!

Fourthly Belu water, 100% carbon neutral water.  All profits go towards funding clean water projects.  Best water to buy EVER!  I have only seen it for sale in my local Greenwich health shop and Zizi’s.

Penultimately my favorite shoes Ethletic.  I bought them in green and black (I don’t wear odd shoes).

And lastly Liz Earl at Sloan Square…  Vegan treatments and products.  Again a deluxe product or treatment but well worth it for a special occasion.  Not all products are vegan but the staff there are really helpful and will let you know anything you can’t use.

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