Cakes and Crepes, Brixton

30 January 2014

I always LOVE a day out with Mitsy moo face.  These are usually well planned events with maps and everything – Mitsu style.  However today was different. We winged it – Sasha style.

First stop Ms cupcakes, we stocked up sweet and savory items…

Chocolate chip cookie

Carrot cupcake

Sausage roll

We were looking for somewhere to go for lunch when vegan crepes were mentioned.  And off we pootled to take a little lookie and what a good move this was!  Let me present Senzala creperie (in the brick box).

This was our first time to this avenue and streets of cafes and bars in the brick box, Brixton.  If the sun was out, it was warmer and there was no rain we could have been abroad.

Now, more importantly onto the food.  Vegan crepe menu…

We had buckwheat savory pancakes…. SOOOOO GOOOOOOOD


Let me say it again…  SOOOOO GOOOOOD!  We had no room left to try the sweet ones BUT there is always next time.  HURRAH!  I can’t wait.


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